Why Should I Use Needles & Thread?

Needles & Thread is a long established business with an exceptional reputation for extremely high-quality craftsmanship. Our use of traditional upholstery methods combined with the use of the highest quality materials enables us to provide you with a product that may be better than the original. Our staff from upholsterers to seamstresses is trained to the highest level and all of our work is done in-house by them and must meet with our stringent quality assurance.

Do You Sell Fabric or Should I Bring My Own?

Yes, we sell both indoor and outdoor fabric, and indeed have a vast array of samples that you can look through, our experienced staff will be on hand to help guide you if necessary, and they have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the trade. Also if you already have fabric of your own, then we can use that.

How Do I Get an Estimate or Quote?

You can come into the shop and speak with us and describe what you would like, or you can call or email. There are three basic measurements we need: The width, height, and depth, it is often helpful to have a photograph of the item which can be emailed, we would then work out the amount of fabric required and also the labor charge and provide you with a printed estimate.

How Long Will It Take?

We will work with you to get the job completed by your required date.

Why Should I Consider Reupholstering When I Can Buy New for Less Money?

You may indeed be able to buy new furniture for less money, but the quality will not be anywhere near that of an older vintage piece, good furniture that has been reupholstered and well cared for will last a lot longer than a new cheaply made piece.

Do You Pick Up and Deliver?

Yes, we can make arrangements to have your furniture picked up and delivered back to you. 
Call 239-514-2800 for answers to any of your upholstery questions.
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